Barrier-free/barrier- reduced, easy accessible bathrooms

A lot of people still think that a barrier-free or easy accessible bathroom is something for a hospital or old age home. Actually the contrary is the case. It is a fact that more and more younger people and young parents want the advantages and comfort of a barrier-free or barrier-reduced home. It’s commonly called the “design for all” or “universal design”.

Most bathrooms can be changed into a modern area with easy access to all built-in elements providing safety and comfort not only but also to the handicapped and/or elderly without compromising modern finishes, stylish interior and this cosy comfort feeling many associate with a bit of “wellness at home”.

Barrier-free or barrier-reduced means that any person can move around independent and safe within this environment. The challenge to change the existing environment into a barrier-free or barrier-reduced environment depends on the individual need.

By example: one of the most important features in a bathroom is a “walk-in shower”. This means a shower area without any obstacles like steps or a rised level of some sort. A sloaped floor makes sure that the water runs off smoothly into the drain/waste.

Seats, handles, mixers etc. at the right place/position can add to additional comfort

barrier Free


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