Dust free* renovations. New and unique to South Africa!

Let‘s be honest. We all think of renovating a bathroom, changing a floor etc. and there it is! The fear of the mess in the house, the fine dust that is crawling into every corner of the house, even into your dishes and clothing hidden away in your cupboards.

Well – here is our solution. We are now working with a German patented technology, a ground-breaking German engineered device plus additional equipment to avoid nearly 100% of the dust and dirt you usually expects during renovation works, specially a bathroom renovation.

We all know that fine dust can be very unhealthy. We can reduce the dust exposure close to 100%. This is a huge benefit to all people especially to those who have lung and bronchial problems and/or people with allergies, your kids and not to forget - your pets. It is also of great benefit to your home environment and assets, your furniture, your electrical devices/appliances, curtains, carpets, paintings, etc.