Bath renovations in 10 working days

We offer complete bath renovations in 10 working days for a standard bathroom, from designing and planning your bathroom to the installation of the bathroom accessories at the end.

Your benefit:

  • One quote - One price
  • No hidden costs
  • Everything from a single source - no dealing with different contractors, like plumber, electrician, plasterer, etc.
  • No coordination work from your side We will remove the old fixtures, tub, basin, etc., strip the wall and floor covering. If needed we will replace the pipes, re-plaster the room and prepare for laying the new tiles. After laying and grouting the new tiles, which you have chosen, we will install the new fixtures, paint the walls and ceilings and thereby insure that your new bathroom is no longer an eyesore.

Design and planning: We will design your bathroom to be comfortable and as space efficient as possible while incorporating your wishes.

Vanity: We offer custom made vanities built to your specifications.

Cost: A bathroom renovation starts at about R 75,000.00 depending on the size of the bathroom, as well tiles and fittings chosen. A bathroom renovation with both a new shower and bathtub will start at R 85,000.00.

Barrier free shower:A barrier free shower, also known as a walk-in shower, has the advantage of allowing any person, even those with restricted mobility to easily enter it and removes the dangers of slipping while stepping into the bath tub or shower tub. A barrier free shower can be equipped with grab bars and depending on size with a shower seat.

Indoor Waterproofing:we recommend waterproofing your floor and the shower wall area before tiling to avoid damp and to protect your house structure. This also lessens the amount of harmful spores and mould in your bathroom.

bathroom renovations Tiletec

bathroom renovations Tiletec


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