Tiling is not just putting tiles on a wall or floor. It often involves removing old tiles, rubble removal, preparing surfaces and so on. We offer the full package.

Just remember: you spend a lot of money for the material. Don't try to save money by choosing an unqualified tiler without the proper tools.

We are specialized in

Large size tiles (ceramic and porcelain tiles): in the last couple of years modern tiles have been getting larger and this trend is continuing. The larger the tile the higher the price and the more you have to rely on a qualified and experienced tiler.

Natural Stone: you can count on our experience in laying and grouting this timeless, exclusive and unique material.

Terracotta Tiles: with our experience in Terracotta Tiles we have the knowledge and the tools to lay this handmade material. We can assist you with design ideas for floors and entertainment areas.

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